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The fear of Business Networking is something we all possess at first, until you realise how easy it is to overcome this fear with simple techniques.

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Networking is a basic skill we all need to succeed in life. But when the word is heard most people think "I canít do that, Iím quiet, Iím shy, Iím a professional!" Yet we all network from around the age of 2; all it is is building relationships and the only selling involved is of ourselves and our personality. Itís simple walking into any room but itís sure not easy when having to go up to strangers and start talking. Itís uncomfortable and nerve racking walking into the unknown.

This book shares all your fears and concerns and by the last page they will all be destroyed and you will become confident and effective whether you are business networking or interacting on a purely social level.

We follow the progress of Brian the professional, the reluctant networker, from the moment he is about to discard an important business invitation but all of a sudden someone turns up in his life that will change him forever.

His mentor begins to explain exactly what business networking is all about, what it isnít and most importantly of all - how to do it.

The Business Networking Journey

Brian is then guided through how to:

  • prepare and plan for the event
  • feel comfortable walking in
  • 'read' the room before starting off
  • excuse himself courteously when itís time to move on
  • approach and leave groups
  • create a great impression
  • deal with rude people and manage rejection
  • be a friendly warm and interesting person
  • create a wide range of conversation topics
  • ask all the right questions
  • listen carefully to ensure he spots potential business opportunities
  • deal with business cards in a highly effective way
  • prepare for the follow up call
  • move the relationship to its next stage
  • respond to objections
  • be persistent but not pushy
  • achieve a meeting to do more business

This is a highly amusing and enjoyable dialogue between Brian, and his mentor. Who is this person? Read I Hate Networking! - the invaluable business networking book you need to be a more enthusiastic networker which ensures you become successful in all walks of your life.

I Hate Networking!

Networking is a basic skill we all need to succeed in life. But when the word is heard most people think "I canít do that, Iím quiet, Iím shy, Iím a professional!". I can show you how to conquer your fears of business networking and become more confident next time you're in a group of business people.

Business Networking

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